Self Portrait Artist

Horse Head

Born and Raised in San Diego, California and attended the University of California, Berkeley.

Self taught Artist working with traditional film, Polaroid, plastic cameras, pinhole, digital and currently shooting large format wet-plate collodion ambrotypes and tintypes.

Married and living in Los Angeles, California with Artist husband, Kenneth Merfeld, two sleepy cats, Joe Buck and Zuni, and Puff Daddy, a puffer fish who prefers swimming and viewing the world upside down.

All of images are single captured and created in camera, not computer enhanced or layered.

Artist Statement

If I don’t create, I destroy.

Either way, I am the first victim.

I shoot self-portraits.

I enjoy the ritual of a large format camera.

It forces me to focus.

I look through the camera and there is no one there.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be me.

I assemble artifacts to flesh it out.

Clippings, copies, make-up, toys and me.

Self-portraits show me the me I never see.

This is what is hanging on the wall.

This is what it feels like to be me.


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